University of Tokyo

Facts and History The merging of Tokyo Kaisei School and Tokyo Medical School created the four Faculties of Law, Science, Letters and Medicine, which came together with a university preparatory school (yobimon; the First Higher School of Japan’s predecessor) to

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Tokyo Institute of Technology

Mission of the Tokyo Institute of Technology As one of the leading university in Japan, the Institute of Technology of Tokyo seeks to contribute to civilization, peace and prosperity in the world, and aims to develop AEC knowledge of global

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Tohoku University

Mission Statement Tohoku University has been committed to the principle “first study” and the policy of “open door” since its inception, and is internationally recognized for its outstanding Standard education and research. The University contributes to world peace, and equity

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Osaka University

History of Osaka University In 1931, Osaka University was established as a university Empress of Japan 6. “Osaka Imperial University” was two schools, medicine and natural sciences. However, the roots of the University of Osaka get back much more than

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Nagoya University

Introduction to Nagoya Again largest city in Japan, is the capital city of Nagoya Aichi Prefectural Prefecture, located in the southwest area of ​​Chubu, central Japan literally. The town has a station Lshinknsn or bullet train called, which runs east

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Kyoto University

Historical Sketch Kyoto Imperial University was established by an Imperial on June 18, 1897, the second university established in Japan. Within ten years the establishment of the university, and the colleges of science and engineering, law, medicine, and letters were

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