Duke University

House of blue devils, Duke University has 13,000 students in first, second and third, and world-class faculty helping to expand the boundaries of knowledge. The university has a strong commitment to the implementation of knowledge in society, near the North Carolina campus and around the world.

Approved by the Duke University leaders loyal October 1, 1994, and amended February 23, 2001, and shit at Duke reads as follows:

“Deed of establishment of the James B. Duke Duke University directed the members of the university to provide real leadership in the educational world” by choosing individuals of “outstanding character, ability, and vision serve as officers, trustees and staff, by carefully selecting students of character, determination and application; “and by pursuing those areas of teaching and scholarship that I was’ the most help to develop our resources, increase our wisdom, and promote human happiness. ‘
“For these purposes, the mission of Duke University is to provide a liberal education superior graduate students first, he learned not only to the growth of their spiritual, but also to their development as adults committed to high ethical standards and full participation as leaders in their communities, to friends prepare future discipline taught a life of service and skilled with me by providing graduate education and professional excellent; advance the boundaries of knowledge and contribute boldly to the international community of scholarship, to promote an intellectual environment built on a commitment to free and open inquiry, to help those who suffer, cure disease, and promote health through medical research sophisticated and patient care considerate; provide opportunities for broad from education, and college campuses, our transition students to traditional, professionals active and learn to live by the power of information technology to promote deep appreciation for the range of differences between people and potential, a sense of the obligations and rewards of citizenship, and committed to learning, freedom and truth.

“By pursuing these objectives with vision and integrity, Duke University seeks to engage the mind, elevate the spirit, and stimulate the best effort of all those connected to the university; contribute in diverse ways to the local community, state, nation and world, and to achieve and maintain a place of real leadership in everything we do. ”


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