Indiana University-Bloomington

The ideal college experience

Indiana University Bloomington attracts students from all over the world who want the ideal college traditions great experience, gorgeous campus, international culture, sports 10 large and active academic climate.

Founded in 1820, and international relations Bloomington is the flagship campus of the Indiana University campus eight across the country. Innovation, creativity and academic freedom are the hallmark of international relations and contribution Bloomington world-class research and art. Our tradition as 500 small world famous racing bikes and our commitment to emerging technologies, IU was called “State Lohti Big Book” in 2005 by America’s colleges Newsweek hot.

We nurture bright minds with an exceptional support network and breadth of programs. Infrastructure and supporting technologies, our campus is called “most wired” among public universities by PC Magazine in 2006. U.S. News & World Report recognized the IU programs squad T. outstanding residential learning communities, and Time magazine praised the commitment of our students, “college year” when he put IU in 2001.

Spectacular campus

Thomas Gaines called the IU Bloomington campus one of the five most beautiful campus in a work of art. Majority of potential students who see our campus to apply for admission. Lush trees, flowers, and members of the Indiana limestone dating back nine eleven cover almost 2,000 acres of campus late. Dan Woods, botanical garden, and the Jordan River provide a natural laboratory and a breathtaking view.
Vibrant culture

Bloomington, Indiana, is a center of art and culture of the Midwest. While art and entertainment IU’s amazing offer to play a large role in the city’s cultural atmosphere, Bloomington is amazing in itself. Bloomington residents and IU students, faculty and staff form a vibrant qualities, activities, enjoyed a big city metropolis and easy pace of the small town.

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