Purdue University

Purdue Campus Locations

Main Campus

Purdue’s main campus is located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

  • Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) – Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) – Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Purdue North Central (PNC) – Westville, Indiana
  • Purdue Calumet – Hammond, Indiana

National Technology

In addition to her plans offered academic campuses of Purdue College of Technology offers programs in several other places in Indiana.

  • Anderson
  • Columbus
  • Greensburg
  • Indianapolis
  • Kokomo
  • Lafayette
  • New Albany
  • Richmond
  • South Bend / Elkhart
  • Vincennes

For more information, see the technology nationwide.

Purdue whiskey

On 26 October 1891, the newspaper Crawfordsville, Indiana, called Purdue’s football team the “uncles makers” when writing by the blow of the Wabash their college. Lafayette newspapers got the name moment, and in October 1892, Purdue exponent, Purdue’s student newspaper, gave him legitimacy. In the early days of the Purdue football team is called by other names as well, including “segments”, “railsplitters”, “boxing” and “salts corn field.”

Mascot of Purdue University’s

Special uncle is the official mascot of the Railway Purdue. Special idea started with an article by Silkowitz Fredo exponent of direct Israel. The first train was introduced on September 11, 1940. Since, special shakes the way football games and around campus to help raise the spirit of Purdue.

Special include first cousins, Purdue had five versions of a train mascot over the years. Fifth version was dedicated September 25, 1993.

A smaller version of the mascot, the fourth special cousins, or X-tra special as it is called, also makes appearances at special events.

Club reamer used formal caregiver of the operation, taking responsibility for the appearance and maintenance.

Athletics Conference

Pardo is part of the enrichment largest conference Intercollegiate Athletics.

Purdue History

July 2, 1862

President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Land Grant law, which became public lands over each country agreed to use the proceeds of the sale of land to keep a college teaching agriculture and the Arts “mechanic”.
In 1865

Indiana General Assembly voted to participate in the program and has taken steps to establish such an institution.
May 6, 1869

Indiana General Assembly chose Lafayette area the new institution, and receiving 150.000 dollars from John Purdue, as well as $ 50,000 from Tippecanoe County, and 100 acres of land to local residents. Legislator named Purdue University School new.
In 1872

Purdue’s first president, Richard Owen, from the office.
September 16, 1874

Lessons began with six instructors and 39 students. Purdue’s first class had 14 students.

John Purdue

The main benefactor of the university establishment was born October 31, 1802, near Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania, and died September 12, 1876, in Lafayette, Indiana. He is buried Fredo – West Lafayette Campus.


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