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The End of campus era? Academic degree for everyone, cheaply and without leaving home – Study online!

Universities like Harvard and MIT offer free online courses, and the world are beginning to recognize academic credit for a low fee for adults. University of the People offers complete online degree $ 4,000.
Is technology will change the business of higher education? Why is there anyone who claims that it actually hurt the poor?


Today anyone can learn at Harvard. Well, not really study at Harvard but to participate in online courses available on the internet, provided by the best professors from the best universities in the world, including Harvard. These courses, called MOOCs (acronym for Massive Open Online Courses) or – online studies are offered free today across multiple platforms and are accessible to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. The development of online courses has meant that already, some allow participants receive a certificate of completion for a fee and some even allow to receive academic credit, so that in the future it will be possible to do a full degree only through them. Degree will not be free but it will be significantly cheaper universities, particularly those in the United States.

Today’s Featured estimated 1,000 online studies courses and participate in them about 10 million students around the world. Participation is free and it is possible to obtain certification of recognition or termination price tens to hundreds of dollars. All this is happening while the price of higher education, particularly in the US soar and the students are forced to take huge loans they find it difficult to return. The works that they find after degree, if at all, simply do not allow them to cover the loan. Is the availability of free information online education institutions will force the high change? cheapen the school, to change the business model or Lhtmktzoa in specific areas?

DL through online courses are flexible and allow anyone to learn at their own pace and in his spare time. You can work as full time and no need to get to the academic institution to learn. This is exactly what they require participants to independent learning ability, usually in English, and perseverance if to admit the truth, do not every student graduating from high school and want to learn a bachelor’s degree. In fact, only 7% of those who applied courses online studies finish them. One reason is that many consider participating in these courses only teens, some of them already have university degrees and are using open courses to expand their knowledge, not in order to complete a degree.

studies online“Courses online studies not threaten traditional universities that they are no substitute for study for an academic degree. People use the rhetoric of ‘here do not need us anymore, that it was now prohibited the University of Technology, the teacher or the class. Of course they should forget great universities to prepare courses online studies good and forget that most students who want to learn a bachelor’s degree does not have the ability to learn on their own Mock courses, “says Dr. Yoram Kalman, a senior lecturer in the Department of Management and Economics at the Open University, who also conducted in his capacity as an international academic initiatives has been erected courses of the university. Although it is not think the course has been erected substitute universities but also “shake the university’s business model”, and that he believes a healthy thing. “Every organization as a university thinks irreplaceable and has no competition stagnant,” he says.

Producing quality online studies course is a costly affair. One course development requires investment lecturers and hundreds of hours of production cost can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why universities invest so much time and money to give the basket Hura their “free? First, traditionally university mission was to spread knowledge. “Universities have always offered lectures open to the public, published the findings of research journals are open to everyone and handed out scholarships,” says Kalman. But of course there is a difference between the dissemination of knowledge and the free dissemination. Institutions of higher education are business entities and they want to attract students, in part by reputation and marketing. The most popular courses online studies come from the creator of the named universities, partly because of their economic capabilities have make good ones. Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and strong brands are seen through the open courses even more strengthen their brand. Thus, online studies courses Universities have become a way of strengthening the reputation and remain relevant to the global field.

Education for the masses

One of the things that have proven clearly online studies courses is that you can learn online and it is noteworthy studies and high-level. However, the president and founder of the University of the People, believe that they can not replace the universities. “Academy Standards Mark and Krditiztzih and I believe drinking this standard will remain because it is the only way for employers to know that what you have learned is worth something. Once a person comes with a recognized degree then know that someone checked the quality of what has been learned and I believe it will remain so. What we do is show Universities can, because of technology, be much cheaper and therefore open to everyone. Internet will allow any person who is worthy and capable academic studies – try to academic studies, “he says.

University of the People allows students from around the world to receive a bachelor’s degree through online learning at a price of $ 4,000 per title, which only pay for the exams, and this may be the first sign that heralds the coming years. The business model of the University of the People is open to everyone and an open mouth Reshef says he hopes others will embrace it. “Our goal is to build a model that shows that higher education can be accessible to all. We show universities are Ichoot open the gates and add zero cost. If there is an Israeli University teaching 20 thousand students, it can also teach 200 thousand students,” says Reshef. He said that UNESCO found that in ten years to 100 million students will not be existing university places. Therefore, he believes that there is room for everyone, existing universities and online universities and most of the universities are all hybrids, will learn in online and not.

Reshef son economic model allows the University to meet its own masses financially. “If you can provide service to an entire undergraduate student $ 4,000 he needs to be given and should solve the problem of the people in academic education is not available for them. I believe that because I show that the model is sustainable else will come along and that in part will cause a decrease in prices,” he says. It offers others to copy the economic model built but so that others take up the challenge he plans to offer its services to as many students. “We grow up and grow up until one day we will wake up and discover that need us more, and then go to bed and probably we will wake up with a different dream. But if the morning we get up and we find no need us anymore does not happen, then we will continue to grow as long as we can guarantee the quality of our academic. There Today university in India, which is not free and has 4 million students. I first did it, I just do it a little differently. ”

Danger: actually hurt the poor

OLPC_Haiti studies onlineAcademics do not like looked at the need of the word “product” to describe higher education, but the fact is that most of the students come from colleges and universities for courses or not the matter, but for the title will ultimately receive. “online studies courses not give a degree that it would not be worth anything. Degree represents something larger, you have learned a series of courses is not necessarily what you feel like, overcame challenges,” says Kalman. They also did not give the social experience and independent interaction. “The mere touch of the students and also faculty members at the University gives a different experience. An important aspect of the university is that it is also a meeting place and not just a place to hear lectures,” says Cooperman. According to her, there is also a danger in Online Teaching, “which is the Show Business Academy”, will result in the selection of courses, materials and lecturers will be driven ratings considerations will not always academically correct.

US academic curriculum prices stated create a real problem for young people who take loans of hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn. Much easier for students who come from well-and who receive financial support during their studies than for others who have to work full time to live and learn. Students financially weak, people employees or parents, also need to find a flexible framework and their access to higher education, therefore, is limited.

Though the course online studies solve the technical problem of accessibility, the danger that identifies acceptable Kalman adoption as a means to achieve a college degree is they do not help the poor, but on the contrary, they weaken them. The rich will continue to attend universities and get the variety of dishes they offer and the poor will have to cope with a free course material. “It weakens the social periphery audiences weak that it is difficult for them to get to higher education and even more difficult for them to learn Mock courses. The courses unequivocally fall into the category of ‘the rich continue to get rich,” he says. According to him, if it is adopted the view that technology aims to replace the higher education, to make higher education automatic – it will hurt the poor. Most of them will experience academic failure online, because they require independent learning abilities, and weakened further.

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