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University of Bonn was founded almost 200 years ago and was considered one of Germany, and indeed the most important institutions of higher education in Europe. As the home of learning to more than 31,000 students, we enjoy high reputation at home and abroad.

University of Bonn is one of the leading universities in research-based, so it is not surprising that we operate at an international level. We mainly specialize in research and teaching and this has led to the development of our international institution’s position really stands out.

At the University of Bonn

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Boasts almost 200 years of tradition, the 31 000 students and a great reputation at home and abroad, Bonn is undoubtedly one of the leading university in Germany. University located in our wonderful where people can live a little better …

Tradition and because the University of Bonn is determined naturally by everyone who wears the institution – that is, those who teach, learn and explore here. All such people will greatly benefit our profile carefully developed institutional:

  • Boone is a research university that operates on an international level, but that we continue to maintain our old tradition
  • We partner with a number of universities and various research institutes across the globe
  • We opened a unique learning and research methods received recognition and praise around the world

The following facts and figures illustrate the size of the University of Bonn:


517 professors
3513 other faculty
4808 non-academic staff (including a university hospital)


31 000 students

4000 foreign students

Studies Finance

90 different degree programs offered

ResearchPartnerships and exchange programs

Amount of expenses: approx. Yuri 595,5 million

Third parties for research funds: 135,0 million residual

2 Cluster of Excellence (Mathematics and Immunology)
2 Graduate School (Economics [funding by the end of the bedroom 2012] and Physics / Astronomy)
14 joint research centers
15 research units and clinical research groups
4 Research Training Groups
Program Support Hotline 1 BMBF

University of Bonn proudly maintains partnerships with 56 universities in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Areas of university

371 buildings scattered around the city

Nobel Prize winners University of Bonn, Bonn
Wolfgang Paul (1913 – 1993),
Nobel Prize in Physics, 1989
Reinhard Selten (* 1930),

Nobel Prize in Economics, 1994

Bonn University Libraries

5515343 Communication approximately 100 libraries

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