University of Heidelberg

About the University

Heidelberg Alte Universitaet university, founded in 1386, is the oldest university in Germany and has one of the strongest research profiles in Europe. Current successes Excellence initiative and recognized international rankings demonstrate the excellent reputation of Heidelberg and a leading role in the scientific community is deserved. In terms of educating students and promoting academic promise early career, Heidelberg relies on two of his strongest points: research-based teaching and training exceedingly well-structured doctoral students.

Heidelberg University is a comprehensive university that offers the full spectrum of disciplines in the humanities, law and social sciences with the natural sciences and life, including drugs. Comprehensive university, Heidelberg aims to continue to strengthen the individual disciplines and interdisciplinary cooperation further, as well as to the results of the company and the industry.

With the ambition of connecting traditional values ​​with a future-oriented scientific concepts in research and teaching, the University is building bridges to the future – Zukunft. Seit 1386.

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