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University of Iowa is a major national research university located on campus in 1900 hectares in South East Iowa City Iowa, Iowa River near the junction of U.S. roads Interstate 80 and 380. I have desired consists of 11 colleges, whose major is college of liberal arts and sciences, register of students, the Iowa. Henry B. Tippie College of Business, Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine, and the Colleges of Education, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, subscribe undergraduate and dental colleges and public health to provide graduate education in conjunction with the Graduate College.

Some numbers

More than 30 500 students are registered in Iowa each year. Some 55 percent come from Iowa, 25 percent in neighboring countries, and 9 percent of the remaining countries. International students from 100 countries account for 10 percent of the students of the university. Staff numbers about 1,700 and about 13,000 people. Total annual operating budget is about 2.8 billion dollars, and more than 120 buildings, most of them within walking distance. Added to the population are more than a million visitors each year who come to enjoy cultural events and art exhibitions, attend ten major sporting events, and participate in numerous conferences and educational programs year-round regular university.


She wished Town community includes Coralville, North Liberty, Solon and other small towns with a total population of about 100,000. The University also provides attractive range of cultural opportunities, ten major events and athletes, and the number of business initiatives resulting from scientific research and education from the University of Iowa. In the summer, Iowa City sponsor a weekly jazz concerts in the city center and pop, and for all the great poets of the year, authors, artists, historians, scientists, and others speak or perform in a university or read local bookstores. Excellent public schools, safe, comfortable and close neighborhoods and educated population say that Iowa City frequently appears high on the list “Best Place for Life” national magazines. Nearby countryside, good state periods, and Iwo River provides many opportunities for hiking, biking, and sailing. Twenty miles north are the order Rapids, Iowa’s second largest city, home to the East Iowa Airport and a population of about 120 000.


Established in 1847, Iowa, was internationally recognized wealth of achievements in the arts, sciences, and sciences wind. Iowa was the first public university in the U.S. to admit men and women on an equal basis and the first institution of higher learning in the country to receive the work in theater, writing, music and art graduate theses. National is the first law school and the first educational radio station west of the Mississippi, broadcast the first educational television programs in the world, and opened and continues to hold educational testing superiority.


The University has a world-renowned programs in research in genetics, hydraulics, and speech and hearing, and has recorded major innovations in agricultural medicine, biocatalysis, biomedical engineering, biomedical sciences, and pharmacology education. Her second degree programs audiologist, print writing, creativity, speech language pathology, and director of nursing services are the first in the ranking. Iwo scientists, including James Van Allen, have been pioneers in space research, design and development of research tools for more than 50 satellites and spacecraft Mtzlihin Americans. University of Iowa operates one of the hospitals owned by University teaching advanced and most comprehensive of the nation. He also opened the most advanced driving simulator in technical world.

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