University of Maryland, College Park


Our mission is to foster and enhance the research programs of basic and interdisciplinary field of computers around the University of Maryland at College park.

Success of UMIACS in catalyzing and excels in many applications disciplinary computing is often attributed to:

  1. identifying and focusing on applications challenge of large computing with social impact significantly
  2. identification and an outstanding faculty incentives to excel in their studies by turning Appointments and
  3. interaction mediates between interdisciplinary researchers using computational infrastructure excels.

We opened the skills and culture needed to build strong interdisciplinary research programs, and provides advanced computing infrastructure for research and first-class technical support, facilitated national and international role in our multidisciplinary computing leadership significantly. Our research programs led by an extraordinary group of distinguished researchers, the UMD College campus chapter. Because computing is the core of all activities of the Institute, UMIACS has a unique relationship closely with the Department considered the best of computer science. Environment synergistic provided by UMIACS now allows collaboration and innovative the faculty of Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, linguistics, biology, chemistry and biochemistry , cell biology and molecular genetics, aerospace engineering, School of Business Smith, and iSchool.

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