University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Vibrant people and programs attest Carolina’s oldest university place among leaders in higher education since it was founded in 1789, and opened the gate for students in 1795 the first public university in the nation. Located in the beautiful college town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, UNC gained a reputation as one of the world’s best universities. Carolina boasts a strong body, a variety of student, academic opportunities not found anywhere else, and value like no other in any public university in the state.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the first public university in the state, serves North Carolina, United States and the world through teaching, research and public service. We are committed to uncompromising efforts to excellence as a research university in the world.

Our mission is to serve as a center for research, scholarship and creativity and teach the diverse community of undergraduate students, graduate and professional to make the next generation of leaders. Through the efforts of the staff and our exceptional team, and with generous support from the citizens of North Carolina, we invest our resources and expertise to improve access to learning and to foster the success and prosperity of each generation increases. We also extend knowledge-based services and other resources of the University of North Carolina citizens and their institutions to improve the quality of life of all people in the country.

With Lucas, Libertas – Light and Liberty – its fundamental principles, the University has outlined a bold move of change leads to better society and to help solve the biggest problems in the world.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was the first state university of the state to open the gate and the only public university to grant degrees in the 18th century. Accredited by the NC Constitution in 1776, the university was chartered by the General Assembly of North Carolina December 11, 1789, the same year George Washington first inaugurated as President. Cornerstone was laid for Old East, building the nation’s first state university, 12 October 1793. Hinton James, the first student, arrived from Wilmington, North Carolina, February 12, 1795.

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