Uppsala University

Quality, knowledge and creativity since 1477. World-class research and first-class education using the global society, business and culture. Uppsala University is the oldest university in the Nordic countries, the cultural environment and student life fantastic life. There are 40,000 students here, and they saw, heard, and observed everywhere. World-class research and quality education followed them here and enjoy a world-class business. The University is characterized by diversity and breadth, with the international front nine faculties and research educational offers unlimited first and second levels.

  • One of the highest ranked universities of northern Europe
  • Diversity and breadth – research and education in nine faculties
  • A broad educational undergraduate and master levels -1 and for
  • Second degree in international studies
  • Student exchange and research collaboration with universities all over the world
  • Excellence – an innovative international research
  • Committed to strong research environments
  • Key partner collaborative business? And a Active systematic quality improvements
  • Beautifully equipped, purpose designed, fences, modern campus disciplinary
  • The oldest university in the Nordic countries with cultural definitions of life
  • Fantastic student life
  • Academic traditions and celebrations
  • Unique cultural offerings


  • International innovative research in all areas
  • Selected profile areas
  • Specialization and interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Pure research and innovation


  • Offering undergraduate courses wider doctoral level in nine faculties
  • Learning to live next? And mid-career education
  • Targeted investments in high quality and thought-provoking research environment
  • Educational development work


  • Allows the interaction between? Academia, business and society
  • Offers courses in mid-career? Education
  • Facilitating contact between students and business people?


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